Fighting SPAM with Domino ND6

今天在找 Domino ND6 的 server mail rules 的相關文章時發現了一個粉棒的網站

IBM Lotus Notes/Domino Hits and Tips 裡面的 Domino SPAM Resource Guide

記載了很多關於 Anti-SPAM 的文章

IBM Redbook - Lotus Domino 6 spam Survival Guide

Controlling spam: Advanced SMTP settings in Lotus Domino - part1 - developerWorks article

Controlling spam: Advanced SMTP settings in Lotus Domino - part2 - developerWorks article

Preventing SPAM mail in Notes/Domino 6 - developerWorks article

Tutorial: Managing inbound spam in Lotus Domino 6: covers many techniques available to Domino administrators to battle spam mail, including:

  • Making sure your mail server isn't used by spammers to relay spam mail
  • Using third party maintained DNS blacklists that can filter out spam
  • Using several techniques to verify various aspects of mail in an attempt to identify and filter out spam
  • Using mail rules and other types of restrictions to combat spam

還有一個網站 Chris Linfoot 的 blog

裡面記載了很多 Domino Administration 的 Tips

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